You Should Write A Song About That with the Doubleclicks

Billboard-charting band the Doubleclicks are tired of getting song ideas from strangers on the Internet. So they started a podcast where they give each other song ideas—and by the end of the podcast, there's a new song! "You Should Write A Song About That" is a peek behind the curtain, a sibling conversation, and a podcast that uploads every Wednesday.

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    31: Being Right All The Time

    This week: Laser read an article about how to get people to read their emails. Aubrey saw some movies. And we talk about what it's like to be right all the time and to still be corrected. And then: a song from the perspective of Google.

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    30: Cryptic AOL Away Messages

    We were lost in a hall of mirrors inside a bread bowl. We talk big about AOL instant messenger. And then, a song to quote in your cryptic lyric away messages or livejournal status updates.

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    29: Video Game Chat Rooms

    This week! Aubrey continues to have a dog! Laser started their name name change! And also started trolling chat rooms! I guess this is growing up. And then, a song about a very specific Kongregate video game called Incremancer.

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    28: AUBREY GOT A DOG & They Might Be Giants

    Aubrey GOT A DOG. SHE GOT A DOG! And then - It's the 30th anniversary of the They Might Be Giants album Flood - RIGHT NOW! They are our probably favorite band and we talk about that a lot! And also - our Patrons requested the song BIRDHOUSE IN YOUR SOUL from us! It's a great song and not an easy one! Please enjoy our cover of Birdhouse in your Soul!

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    27: Witcher Watch

    Quiche. Sleeping. Cats. Cats (2019). Japanese Music Videos. The Witcher. THE WITCHER.

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    26: I can control this

    This week on the podcast: we make mashed potatoes, we can do the twist, tell me, mr. mistoffelees, do you like it like this?

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    25: Friendship is Unfinished Business

    A brothel of poets! The Spirit of Christmas! An Italian Restaurant! Dungeons and Dragons! And then we wrote a song about friendship by our ghost punk band GHOUL SQUAD!

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    24: Normal Human Party

    Parties. Dogs. Buffets. Party Dog Buffet? Dog party buffet? And a song about running a normal human party, a regular one, for humans.

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    23: Save the DJ!

    Aubrey and pals had to save a DJ from a large inflatable ball at a fluffy rave party. OR DID THEY? Plus, the Doubleclicks experiment with video game music and catch up on all the happenings with Laser's apartment decoration.

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    22: Good Omens

    This week: Family is good? And bad! Thanksgiving sure has a lot involved, doesn't it? Did you get leftovers? Did anyone do your pronouns right? And a song about David Tennant and Michael Sheen deeply in love!

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    21: Elves and Volcanoes

    This week: there's a man inside the walls! There's water on the floor! Aubrey went to three parties in one weekend and one was for a divorce! We had to do a lot of waiting and we write a song about waiting.

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    20: Cheddar Cheese and Pokemon

    This week: tour is done and the podcast is back! We talk about moving, New York City, Pokemon Sword, the board game "Welcome To..." and then write a song about cheese, fresh starts, and not-fresh starts.

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    19: Music Is Art And It Can't Be Wrong

    This week: we answer your questions! Birds! Banks! Plus, Aubrey made everybody paint a picture of space. Then we write a song about making an album, because we're making an album right now, and we're ok!

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    18: Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends

    We're together and we have STORIES. STORIES where our friends saved us. And empowered us. Also, Laser got a passive-aggressive napkin and Aubrey's getting into Roller Derby. And then — a song about it!

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    16: Super Beatrice

    We're taking control of our lives. We're taking a trip to San Francisco. We're bringing earplugs everywhere we go. We're so smart.

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    15: I don't wanna

    It's a new year! And we're talking about: Joshua Tree National Park, speakeasy clubs with pregnant aerialists, saying no, boundaries, marzipan the cat, and some startling news about how U2 and Radiohead are two completely different bands!

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    14: Starting our high school band

    Christmas brings about memories in this episode, recorded TOGETHER in the Doubleclicks studio! We talk about old houses, the first band we started together, snacks, pets, bats, favorite things, and then write a song about the new year!

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    13: Panic

    It's ok to panic. Well, it better be, because we're very overwhelmed. We love you! And we wrote a feel-good song about being overwhelmed. Plus we talk about Stardew Valley A LOT.

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    12: Ask Forgiveness, Not Permission

    This week, we calm down and then we talk about Grace Hopper, who is the greatest and we really don't do a good enough job hyping up. And then we sing a song about it!

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    11: Great Success

    This week, we went to pizza, we finished a big project, we socialized, and Aubrey finishes her trio of cello songs with a victory ditty! Full and regular "Doubleclicks" songs return next week!

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    10: Have you heard of a library?

    This week Laser discovered a library and Aubrey made everybody wear slippers. Then we have some cello music to listen to in the library!

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    9: Some Meditative Cello Music

    This week, Aubrey is taking over the podcast and the songwriting duties. We talk about Stardew Valley, acting classes, thanksgiving plans, and we need to get some work done.

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    8: Orchestrions, Calliopes, and Wizard Rescues

    We went to Wisconsin and visited the House on the Rock and Wizard Quest. It was wonderful. Today we discuss weird weird weird collections, immersive mazes, and why they make us feel so good. Then we write a song about it!

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    7: Do A Thing

    This week — it's all about productivity. You can make all the plans you want, but eventually you have to do something. So we write a pump-up song to yell at yourself. Also, we talk about how Aubrey will give as much candy to children as she possibly can.

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    6: A Broken Arm At Rainbow Night

    This week - Laser broke their arm. It's broken. Ow! Here's the whole story, plus some discussion of trying new things, and a song about it!

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    5: Happy Birthday, No One Hates You

    This week, we talk about how stressful it is to plan a birthday party. We just want everyone to be happy. WHY IS THAT SO HARD. And then... a song about it!

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    4: F*ck Twitter

    Avoiding social media - how do you do it? Aubrey does it by thinking about pouring large quantities of paint on a canvas. Laser does it by having terrible audio in this episode (sorry, it gets better). Plus: we enjoyed our first party! And then... a song about it.

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    2. I'm Winning! (Talking about gender identity!)

    This week, we discuss: Our baby cousin's very good knock-knock joke. Wynonna Earp, a television show Laser cares about deeply. Our fascination with twitch streaming and baby videos on Instagram. Also, Laser has a cat. Cats think bananas are snakes. Some talk about gender identity. Discussion of adults doing chores. And then we write a song about gender identity called "I'm Winning!"

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    1: Boundaries! (Laser Got A Cat)

    On this episode: the fourth one is the hardest, Aubrey’s affirmations, a new house decoration, Fall Boyfriend, Laser got a cat, socialization, Laser got a cat, and then we write a song about our conversation!

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    Interview 2: Piper Perish & Perserverence with Kayla Cagan

    Today Angela interviews Kayla Cagan, author of the great YA novel PIPER PERISH, releasing March 7 on Chronicle Books! Topics covered include: inspirational quotes, Houston, Texas, deleting dogs, and how creation is the best defense against despair. The song is called "Now Is The Time!" Check out Kayla Cagan: Pre-order her book: or at your local bookstore! Watch the video for this song, back the band’s kickstarter and so much more:

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    Interview 1: About Anandibai Joshi (Sam Maggs interview)

    Anandibai Joshi was the first Indian woman to get a degree in Western Medicine, and this is a song about her, her mission, and her refusal to let things get in her way. Read more about Anandibai and 24 other amazing women in “WONDER WOMEN” – the new book by Sam Maggs!

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