You Should Write A Song About That with the Doubleclicks

The Doubleclicks talk to each other (or someone else) about a topic that fascinates them... and then we write a song about it! New episodes Wednesdays!

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    2. I'm Winning! (Talking about gender identity!)

    This week, we discuss: Our baby cousin's very good knock-knock joke. Wynonna Earp, a television show Laser cares about deeply. Our fascination with twitch streaming and baby videos on Instagram. Also, Laser has a cat. Cats think bananas are snakes. Some talk about gender identity. Discussion of adults doing chores. And then we write a song about gender identity called "I'm Winning!"

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    1: Boundaries! (Laser Got A Cat)

    On this episode: the fourth one is the hardest, Aubrey’s affirmations, a new house decoration, Fall Boyfriend, Laser got a cat, socialization, Laser got a cat, and then we write a song about our conversation!

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    Interview 2: Piper Perish & Perserverence with Kayla Cagan

    Today Angela interviews Kayla Cagan, author of the great YA novel PIPER PERISH, releasing March 7 on Chronicle Books! Topics covered include: inspirational quotes, Houston, Texas, deleting dogs, and how creation is the best defense against despair. The song is called "Now Is The Time!" Check out Kayla Cagan: Pre-order her book: or at your local bookstore! Watch the video for this song, back the band’s kickstarter and so much more:

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    Interview 1: About Anandibai Joshi (Sam Maggs interview)

    Anandibai Joshi was the first Indian woman to get a degree in Western Medicine, and this is a song about her, her mission, and her refusal to let things get in her way. Read more about Anandibai and 24 other amazing women in “WONDER WOMEN” – the new book by Sam Maggs!