You Should Write A Song About That with the Doubleclicks

Billboard-charting band the Doubleclicks are tired of getting song ideas from strangers on the Internet. So they started a podcast where they give each other song ideas—and by the end of the podcast, there's a new song! "You Should Write A Song About That" is a peek behind the curtain, a sibling conversation, and a podcast that uploads every Wednesday.

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    30: Cryptic AOL Away Messages

    We were lost in a hall of mirrors inside a bread bowl. We talk big about AOL instant messenger. And then, a song to quote in your cryptic lyric away messages or livejournal status updates.

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    29: Video Game Chat Rooms

    This week! Aubrey continues to have a dog! Laser started their name name change! And also started trolling chat rooms! I guess this is growing up. And then, a song about a very specific Kongregate video game called Incremancer.

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    28: AUBREY GOT A DOG & They Might Be Giants

    Aubrey GOT A DOG. SHE GOT A DOG! And then - It's the 30th anniversary of the They Might Be Giants album Flood - RIGHT NOW! They are our probably favorite band and we talk about that a lot! And also - our Patrons requested the song BIRDHOUSE IN YOUR SOUL from us! It's a great song and not an easy one! Please enjoy our cover of Birdhouse in your Soul!

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    27: Witcher Watch

    Quiche. Sleeping. Cats. Cats (2019). Japanese Music Videos. The Witcher. THE WITCHER.

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    26: I can control this

    This week on the podcast: we make mashed potatoes, we can do the twist, tell me, mr. mistoffelees, do you like it like this?

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    25: Friendship is Unfinished Business

    A brothel of poets! The Spirit of Christmas! An Italian Restaurant! Dungeons and Dragons! And then we wrote a song about friendship by our ghost punk band GHOUL SQUAD!

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    24: Normal Human Party

    Parties. Dogs. Buffets. Party Dog Buffet? Dog party buffet? And a song about running a normal human party, a regular one, for humans.

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    23: Save the DJ!

    Aubrey and pals had to save a DJ from a large inflatable ball at a fluffy rave party. OR DID THEY? Plus, the Doubleclicks experiment with video game music and catch up on all the happenings with Laser's apartment decoration.

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    22: Good Omens

    This week: Family is good? And bad! Thanksgiving sure has a lot involved, doesn't it? Did you get leftovers? Did anyone do your pronouns right? And a song about David Tennant and Michael Sheen deeply in love!

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    21: Elves and Volcanoes

    This week: there's a man inside the walls! There's water on the floor! Aubrey went to three parties in one weekend and one was for a divorce! We had to do a lot of waiting and we write a song about waiting.

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